My Utmost App Reviews

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Why have they not fixed this program?

The reviews make it clear exactly how to make this app as good as Brother Oswalds inspired text. Its really a shame that the developers are not making the simple adjustments their customers have voiced so loudly.


Decided to splurge for the app even though I get the free email version. Free version is better in that it includes live links to read through the Bible in a year. Please put that in the app!! Feel like I just wasted $4.99

I love this app!

This app is amazing, it has really great material for meditation and each day you can find yourself praising the Lord, thanking God, learning about yourself, and being challenged to a higher purpose. All of this is contained in a few short paragraphs. Of course, dont let it replace your own personal study of the Bible, but Oswald Chambers brings out some great points to meditate on in his short devotions. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn about the Bible!

Great content

Great little app. The content is life changing and Gods presence is all over it. Wisdom from 100 years ago is more than relevant and challenging today as ever. But falls short in some areas of polish. Its basically just their website. No search function. No ability of find forgotten password. The date is synced with some server somewhere else in the world, not my phone. So the date of my reading is wrong depending on time of day. Its a quickly put together app and $5 is a bit steep. Still worth it

Second to none! But the Holy Bible

Please get this book for yourself an those around you. It represents a "real" Christian Daily Devotional....

Crashes a lot

Ive tried several times to try explore the app but it continuously crashes on me


Loved this app and use it everyday, but with the new ios 9 update I cant open it! I really hope it gets fixed asap! Thanks.


The app does not open anymore. It crashes since the new iOS update

Crashes on start up iOS 9.0.1

I installed the software upgrade to iOS 9.0.1 and now My Utmost daily reading is not starting without crashing. Luckily I have my old leather bound text version here somewhere. Please update the app, My Utmost as soon as you can Im thinking a lot of us will miss it. Thank you Terry

Annointed wisdom - buggy app

This devotional has been a constant source of wisdom and encouragement to me over the years but since the latest iOS update the app crashes. Please fix this!

Beware not secure

I received someone elses journal and notes after I logged in! I bought the app Nov 2015. Journaled a few days then decided to try logging in. My journal entries were suddenly filled going back to Dec 2013!!! These are not my notes. What do I do now to protect this other persons privacy???

Key feature missing

The wonderful text is exactly what you find online for free, but I purchased this looking forward to highlighting various sentences, yet theres no highlight feature! I need to copy, then paste it into another app. Hope highlighting comes soon to this.

Loved it and used it daily till iOS9

Please update the app so it works with iOS9. Seriously depressing that it no longer works.

Please Optimize To iOS9 ASAP!!!

I paid $4.99 for this app, and it was wonderful on iOS8...but on iOS9, it opens briefly & then crashes!! Please, optimize this app to iOS9 as soon as you can!

Utmost for His Highest

Two things: First, this app wont even open much less give the buyer a good product. Please fix the problem! Second, in order to submit this review, I am forced to click at least one star even though I dont want to. This broken app doesnt merit any stars at this point.

Stopped working after iOS9 update September 2015.

Great app prior to that. Please fix soon!


Please fix it!!

Please Fix This App!

This is my favorite devotional but it has not worked ever since I updated my iPhone. Please please please fix this app!

Help ios9

I cant read my favorite devotional on my iPhone any longer. Please help!!!

Crashes with ios 9 update

After updating to iOS 9 the app will no longer open. Please let me know what will be done to resolve and how long it will take. I use this app every morning and see others are having the same issue. Thx

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